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Brain Education Strategies & Technology (BEST) and the Veterans Chamber of Commerce (VCC) are excited to introduce a unique app (BEST Suite) and online training opportunity. Veterans living with TBI, PTS and/or those who support them will receive (free of charge) the BEST Suite app, online training, and a personal mentor to help them learn the tools within the BEST Suite.

What is the project?

Welcome to the BEST/VCC Veterans Train-the-Trainer (V-T3) Project. Veterans with traumatic brain injury and post traumatic stress will learn to use the BEST Suite app (and related strategies) as a prosthetic for the brain (i.e., cognitive prosthetic) to deal with many of the common day-to-day cognitive challenges they experience. The V-T3 Project focuses on two groups:

  • Guides/Mentors will learn to teach Veterans with TBI/PTSD to use the BEST Suite app.
  • Veteran trainees will learn to use the app to help with common TBI/PTSD-related challenges.
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What is the BEST Suite app?

The BEST Suite is four apps in one:

  • PaceMyDay helps you plan your day and learn to manage your energy and fatigue.
  • ReachMyGoals helps you set, monitor, and accomplish your own SMART goals.
  • StrategizeMyLife lets you document and track strategies that work for you.
  • CompleteMyToDos helps you accomplish more with a specialized to-do app.

Common challenges of TBI and PTSD

If you, or someone you work with, is living with a TBI or PTSD, you probably recognize some of these challenges:

  • can’t seem to get organized
  • forget to do important tasks
  • struggle with time management
  • have a hard time making a decision
  • overdo it to the point of exhaustion
  • make goals but can’t seem to accomplish them
  • use the same strategy over and over without success
  • feel like you’ve been busy all day, but can’t recall what you did
  • deal with pain, anxiety, mood swings, headaches and can’t identify possible triggers

These common cognitive challenges associated with TBI and PTSD can impact your ability to successfully maintain a job, go to school, and/or perform necessary responsibilities at home.

Our goal is to train trainers to help Veterans living with TBI/PTSD in the use of the BEST Suite so they can re-establish a sense of normalcy and enjoy an improved quality of life post injury.


Veteran feedback on the BEST Suite


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Our train-the-trainer opportunity is designed for you if you are:

  • working with Veterans struggling with cognitive challenges associated with TBI and PTSD
  • interested in learning about TBI, PTSD, cognitive rehabilitation, and the BEST Suite app
  • interested in training others in the use of the BEST Suite as a tool to help with daily cognitive challenges

Veteran Trainees

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This opportunity is for you if you are struggling with TBI or PTSD and would like to learn about:

  • cognitive issues associated with your condition(s)
  • strategies that can help you deal with daily challenges
  • the BEST Suite app, specifically designed to help those with TBI and PTSD